The end of the war and the return of men from the forces found the company being supervised by Reginald Tither who was by then the Managing Director. (J, K. Howarth and E.T. Ball haying passed away during the war years). Joe Smith, a long standing employee was Foreman.

The full range of organ building continued to be undertaken after the war ears with few changes of personnel at the head of the company. R. Tither continued as M.D. until his retirement, his place being taken by F.D. Walker. Harold Davies (the author of this brief history), became Works Manager in 1953 and Technical Director a few years later.

It is impossible in a short history such as this to explain the intricacies of organ building or describe the high degree of skill that becomes second nature to the craftsmen engaged in making the ‘King of Instruments’ Nor indeed is it right perhaps that such things be included in a document of this nature. But one must not ignore the many local men who by their skill and artistry built many beautiful musical instruments that continue to give great pleasure to many people.

Since the author was an apprentice in the early thirties much unrecorded information was gleaned from workmates who were at that time in their 60`s and 70’s. (In organ building retirement at 65 was practically unheard of, - Jardines had men on their staff up to the age of 85), and many of the anecdotes they quoted and tales they told of their life in the past and of the area in which they worked, would be priceless to the students of local history. As stated earlier, the workshops in Elsinore Road were built in 1900 and one would often hear the older men refer to it as the ‘New Shop’, and they would tell stories of how it was the first building in Elsinore Road, and indeed it was necessary to cut a path through the corn fields to reach the “New Shop”.

Perhaps another ‘local’ fact should be mentioned, though its connections with Jardines were not connected with organ building. Mrs. Jardine was from all accounts a great animal lover and this fact is borne out by her being instrumental in having the horse trough erected at Trafford Bar whereby horses on their journeys could quench their thirst. This trough is now in the Crich Museum.

Elsinore Road was frequently visited by the Gypsies indeed for years they called at regular intervals to repair the door mats found at the entrance to the works, and at the entrance to the various offices.

These visits coincided with visits to Robt. Carlyle the builder who by this time was situated in the building next to Jardines, and where the gypsies would trot horses up and down Elsinore Road in order that Mr. Carlyle could cast his apparent expert eye over them and purchase those that he approved of.

Through all these times Jardines continued to build organs and today the company is still trading though in smaller way and in smaller premises, though still in Elsinore Road, Old Trafford. It is now under the partnership of Martin Denny and David Ginder, - both former employees of Jardines.

The present business, trading as Jardine Church Organs, continues to work on organs over a large area. Recently they shipped an organ to Japan and followed it to erect and finish the instrument on site.

Over the past few years, several refurbished instruments have been exported to West Africa, erected by a Local company, under Jardines supervision. This has lead to the rebuild, of a large 3 manual Hill Norman and Beard organ for Freetown, St Georges Cathedral, and Sierra Leone in 2001. ( by:- Harold Davies JP,FISOB,FIMIT).

In 2003, the company moved to premises, a few hundred yards on to Ayres Road, to make way for the new South Manchester Tram Depot. Preparation of the workshop continues along with restoration of an 1857 Jardine & Co organ, along with further export work for West Africa.

Now incorporating Thomas Pendlebury & Co, Blackpool, May 2004 and HY Ainscough of Preston, January 2006. (by:- Martin Denny).

Alan Shutt of Ward and Shutt, Stoke on Trent 2011 ( 2017 )

John Lifton Organs, Heswall Wirrall 2102

Keith Edwards of Robert Edwards & Co, Tattenhall, Chester 2016.

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