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1856 SoundboardA Drawing of the four manual Kirtland & Jardine built for St Peters Church, Mancheter, between 1856 and 1872, for Benjamin Joule, the fourth largest in England at that time.

A project for 2009 -

We are currently restoring the original parts From St Peters, which were transferred to St Brides Church, Old Trafford, in 1907. To be installed in St Catherines Priory Church, Lincoln.

The original Swell, Great and Pedal will be used along with a choir organ, from our stock of Jardine pipework, The Casework will be constructed from one rescued, from St Edmunds Church, Whalley Range, Manchester.

St Peters Manchester

1856 Kirtland & Jardine soundboard under restoration.

We have also been commissioned to carry remedial works to -

St Mary and Michaels Church, Garstang.

St Lawrences Church, Denton, Manchester.

Croston Methodist Church

Manchester Rd Methodist Church, Swinton.

 Aristide Cavaille-Coll

We also have three teams available for our extensive tuning round of over 300 pipe organs, within 180 mile radius, for which no formal contract is required. Tuning and maintenance is carried out at regular quarterly intervals, or as required.

We try to group tuning visits together, to reduce travel and lodging costs, as an example, we work out of Keswick for 4 weeks of the year, working on the organ in Crosthwaite Church and many others in the Lake District.

5 Manual Aristide Cavalle-Coll of Paris. Built 1877.



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